Why Good Will Hunting?

(Good Will Hunting, I added text)

Great question. I am glad you asked. To my surprise, none of my friends have seen this film. This really bugged me, so naturally I tried to get all of them to watch it. Unfortunately, they would not watch my movie recommendation, they would just continue watching episodes of The Office on repeat. I hope you make a smarter decision than my friends.

Here are 5 reasons I like this movie. Ok, maybe more than like it, considering I did print out the entire script and read it several times trying to teach myself how to make an incredible film like this one. So lets get started…

1. inner self

Let’s start with the heavy stuff. Unlike most mainstream movies these days, this film has a back bone, an underlying meaning that invites the audience to lean in and put the pieces together for themselves. So often modern films tell the viewer everything through dialogue, making film-watching a passive experience. But this film delves deeper. It focuses on Will’s inner demons, why he is the way he is, and how he can get past his obstacles. The characters’ dialogues say just enough to let the audience in on who Will thinks he is, and through his conversations with Sean, we learn who Will actually is. Instead of being rushed through the story and told who Will is in the first scene, this movie explores Will’s journey of overcoming the road blocks he was born with. Inner obstacles, as well as outer ones.

2. realistic characters

Whew, now onto the lighter stuff. If you have seen this film, you know why I added this to my list. The brotherly love between Will and his friends prove that friends can be just as much family as a biological mom and dad. The friends know each other so well and support each other, through fists fights and all. Beyond that, Chuckie really pushes Will to use his gift and not let it go to waste. Even though embracing his gift means that Will will likely move away and do great things, it also means Chuckie will not see Will every day anymore. If that isn’t a good friend, than I do not know what is. Chuckie is a good man.

3. humor

Do I need to continue? Although this film has a deep meaning that is heavy and thoughtful, it is a fun, light film because the attitudes of the characters that are always poking fun at each other. Drama, with a splash of jokes and a twinkle of Boston accents, and BAM you have some wicked humor.

4. location becomes a character

Boston. I tend to enjoy films where the setting of the story also doubles as a character in the story. Examples of this are in Harry Potter (all of them) with Hogwarts, a small Italian town in Call Me By Your Name, and Hawkins in Stranger Things. By having a location become a character in the story, the audience can better create the “world” of the characters in the film. Therefore, the story suddenly becomes more relatable and immersive.

5. coming-of-age film

Lastly, I wish I watched this film while I was in high school. I think it would have changed my mind about some things. It still surprises me that Damon and Affleck wrote this film when they were my age. They were/are talented. Anyway, Will’s evolution in this film makes me categorize this as a coming-of-age film, even if it’s not typically thought of as such. Good Will Hunting has the opportunity to show youngsters (me included) how we could go our whole lives and not truly know ourselves, unless we take the time to listen and think about our inner dialogues. I know I learned a lot from watching Will grow up on screen and I think other people can/did to.

Where to watch this film:

Watch this film on Amazon, check it out on IMDb, see the Trailer on YouTube. It is worth watching, I promise. (I do not say this about films that I do not truly care about.) The picture in this post is from the film, I just edited some words on it. (And an apple.)

Sum it up already!

Dude, thanks for reading and putting up with my love for this film. I always watch it when I find it on TV and it always makes me cry. Literally no matter how many times I watch it, I still cry. Especially in that scene where Robin’s character hugs Will. Yes, that scene. Yes, I love it. It is why I will make movies. It is why I started writing screenplays.

Also, I hope you like apples. If not, how about dem apples? I wish you could see my face as I wrote that sentence, it made me smile way too much.

Arianna xx

What is your biggest dream?

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I think a lot of people can relate to wanting to do something, but thinking that the outcome they have always dreamed of is not possible. “So why even try if it won’t happen anyway?” I think this is the very thought that prevents so many people from working towards their dreams and making them reality.

So, what do you want to be when you grow up?

This is a question that made me excited to answer as a child, but as I grew up, especially in high school, this question made me scared, nervous, worried I would choose the wrong major, the wrong job.

I know countless people who have a job they do not like. What seems most common is that people get started with a job and then have to keep working somewhere they do not like because they need a stable income to pay bills. This is a cycle: work all week, too tired to pursue dreams on weekends, spend time doing house work, possibly socializing with friends and then back to work on Monday.

Some people go to college for a major and then decide that they do not like their major anymore. But by then they are almost done with their degree, so they do not have a choice but to finish. All of these scenarios are so real. They happen to the people all around me all of the time.

I had a unique situation because when everyone was deciding where to go to college, what to major in, I was dealing with a head injury. I could barely finish high school, so I was not even sure if I could go to college.

Spending so much time alone, forced to listen to my own thoughts and not be surrounded by the thoughts of some many others, I realized something. I realized that so many things that I believed, that I followed, I did not actually believe in, I did not actually agree with. What I mean by this is that the people I was surrounded with kind of ingrained their beliefs in me, not on purpose, but without even realizing it. By spending time alone, I was able to realize this and get my beliefs to where I wanted them to be.

This process was not easy, it took years, but it was worth it. Before, I hid my creativity, I suppressed it. I was scared what people would say of my art, what they would say of my writing. It was after all those years of keeping my art to myself that I realized at every turn in my life I had to convince myself “why not” to do art. I loved art, writing, film, but I kept convincing myself why I should not do it solely because I was scared what people would think. I loved it, but what if others thought I should pursue something else?

You may be able to relate to this in some way, or maybe not. Maybe you are confident and always speak your mind, but I was different, especially when I was younger.

By taking time to myself and just listening to my own opinions, I was able to realize what I wanted to do. I did not need to decide anything, but to follow my dreams or to not. But that is another topic entirely.

Why did I just read this?

For today, maybe take some time to think about what you would do if you just listened to yourself. If you did not think about your parents, friends, relatives, you just thought about your goals and what you wanted your future to look like. This can be hard, especially when we are constantly surrounded by the internet and people at school and work. You may not even know what you want because you are constantly being told everyone else’s opinions. Taking time to listen to your own thoughts can be so valuable.

Maybe you will realize that you have had a dream all along, you knew the major you wanted to pursue, you knew your biggest aspirations. You just had to listen to yourself.

Thank you for reading. I hope I gave you a little push to work towards your goals and not the goals the people around you have for you. It is difficult, it can be scary, but once you realize your goals, you can decide if they are worth the trouble, or if it is just better to keep them locked in a drawer somewhere so no one can see them (which is what I did for years).

Arianna xx

The Red Sea Diving Resort Movie

(Netflix, I added text)

Staring Chris Evans, Ben Kingsley, Greg Kinnear, Haley Bennett & more.

The Red Sea Diving Resort film is based on a true, inspiring story that takes place in Sudan and Israel. The plot focuses on Ari (Chris Evans) who has a strong dedication to bring as many Ethiopian refugees to Jerusalem as possible. Him and his team encounter obstacles that pose immediate and serious threats to their safety, but they continue to follow through with their operation. In the midst of the action, the team is also running a resort that poses as a cover up for what they are actually doing in the middle of the Sudan desert.

Movie Talk

Unlike many people, I just recently got Netflix. I heard good things about this film, so I decided to watch it. (Plus Chris Evans is in it & so far, I have not been disappointed by any of the films he is in.)

The movie starts off by introducing the characters and their backgrounds. This introduction can seem a little slow and leave you wanting to advance into the story already. However, after progressing through the movie, all of the information given about the characters is needed to understand the complexity of the film.

Before watching this film, I knew it was based on a true story and because of that, I found it even more intriguing and worth watching. Overall, the film introduced me to a new perspective. It made me more empathetic and understanding towards people who may have a completely different mindset than I. Along the journey, Ari makes some pretty arrogant and stupid decisions, most of which I would be mad at if I was a part of his team. Yet, it is clear he is just trying to help as many people as possible. He has a good heart, is not a good listener, but his intentions are pure.

Throughout the film, the characters encounter multiple road blocks, but one of my favorite is how this team is forced to also run a “resort” while they complete their mission. Each character has their own sense of humor and adds their own touch and personality to the film.

One thing about this film that bothered me was that Ari and his friends are involved in a mission that is dangerous and none of them got injured. I think the film would have been more realistic if someone had been hurt or had to be sent home to heal. I am not sure if this aspect of the film was based on the true story, but if it was than I understand why they would have included this plot point. This scenario almost reminds me of Andrew Garfield’s character in Hacksaw Ridge. In both cases, the characters face out-of-the-ordinary situations and come out on the other end.

Highlights / What to think about:

If you decide to watch this film, I highly encourage you to think what you would do if you were in Ari’s situation. He has a desperate need to help people, it is almost ingrained in him. But over the course of helping refugees, he puts his team and friends at serious risks. What would you do if you were him? Did this film open your eyes and make you see something in a new way? Let me know if you watched this film and what you thought of it.

Watch this film: 7/10

Don’t be sad. 7 is a good rating. I really liked this film: the acting was great and the story was engaging and mind-altering. For what the story was, the movie was incredible. I just think the film could have been shorter and served the same meaning and purpose. But, I understand how the length of the film may be a device to help the audience better grasp the long journey of the characters in the movie. Obviously watching a two hour movie is nothing compared to walking miles and miles to safety, but the length of the film could illustrate how setbacks interrupted the long journey at almost ever turn.

Check out this movie on Netflix! The picture in this post is from Netflix.

Quick! Describe the film in 1 sentence! (aka sentence summary)

Ari puts the safety of his friends at risk in the effort to save hundreds, possibly thousands, of refugees on their journey to Jerusalem.

That’s it! Thanks for staying with me. Have a film you want me to watch? Leave it in the comments or send it to me on the contact page. Have a great day!

Arianna xx

Life Movie Review


Staring Ryan Reynolds, Jake Gyllenhaal, Rebecca Ferguson & more.

Life is a science fiction film that takes place on the ISS. It has a pleasing ending and has an underlying meaning that truly made me think about life as a whole. On the surface, this film is like many other space movies with aliens, strange happenings and astronauts. But under the surface, this film is horror but in a new setting, with no where to escape to but the vacuum and coldness of space. Some scenes made me cringe because how stereotypical they were, but the majority of the film was remotely interesting.

Movie Stats

Length of film: 1hr 44min
Rating: R
Release date: May 26, 2017
Click here to watch the Trailer.

Movie Talk:

This film was intense. If you have watched the film, The Martian (2015) which stars Matt Damon, this is very different. The action starts pretty quickly, but mostly goes where you would expect it to. Some characters *cough Reynolds’ character* make pretty bad decisions, but all in the hopes of helping out a friend

The characters are not that complex which limits the emotions you feel towards them. I wish the characters were better developed so the audience could have felt what the characters were feeling. This would have helped the audience grow attached to the characters and their story lines.

I have a love for astronomy, which led me to watching this film. But if you do not like space movies, and do not want to watch just an “ok” movie, then maybe skip this one. The plot is pretty basic, the “life form” makes the film horror, and there are some twists along the way that try to keep the audience engaged.

The acting is great, which helps this film a lot. Overall, I would watch it again. The story is not out of the ordinary, the jump scares work, but for the most part the film is predictable.

Let’s talk about the ending. Out of the whole movie, the ending is my favorite. It is both pleasing and dissatisfying in the best ways. If the ending had been different, maybe I would think less of this film, but overall this film was OK. Not horrible, not fantabulous (no, I did not spell that wrong, say it in the voice of Deadpool). I would recommend it to a friend who loves space, or who loves Gyllenhaal or Reynolds. But if that does not sound like you, than maybe watch The Martian​ instead. 

Highlights / What to think about:

If you watch this film, pay attention to the value of life and what it means. This movie gave me a new appreciation for the life here on Earth. Our power to make life a good, productive thing and not something monstrous. I found this film reminding me about the preciousness of life. I think most people do not appreciate the Earth as much as we should. This film reminded me to be thankful for it, from the freshest strawberry to the peskiest mosquito. Watch it and let me know what you think!

Watch this film: 6.5/10

Check it out on: Amazon , YouTube or IMDb . Click the name of the platform for the link! The picture in this post is from Amazon.

Quick! Describe this film in a sentence! (aka sentence summary)

Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal get their memories wiped and then board a ship with a Mars life form that tries to tear their friendship apart.

Ok, for real this time. Here is the real sentence summary:

When astronauts come in contact with a Mars life form, their lives are at stake and they need to think fast before they end up hurdling towards Earth with a malignant monster on board.

Thanks for reading!
 Have a great day, hopefully full of great people and not scary Mars creatures.

Arianna xx

The Stanford Prison Experiment Movie


This film follows the story of a psychologist who wants to conduct an experiment involving students. This experiment includes individuals who volunteer to be either a prisoner or a guard in a simulated prison constructed in classrooms in the university. In the end, the students will be compensated for their time and they will be free to continue on with their lives like normal, or so they thought. This film is based on a true story of an experiment that was conducted in 1971. It stars Ezra Miller, Tye Sheridan, Logan Miller and more.

Movie Stats:

Length of film: 2hr 2min
Rating: R
Release date: July 17, 2015
Click here to watch the Trailer.

Movie Talk:

I came across this film on Netflix and started to watch it because I thought Adam Driver was in it. Then I realized it was Ezra Miller, so I continued watching. I was surprised when I could not move away from the TV. Somehow this film kept me engaged for the whole 2 hours. I was literally walking up to the TV eager to find out what would happen next.

The film follows the “guards” and the “prisoners” for 6 days. This experiment went on for only 6 days,when it was supposed to go on for 2 weeks. Some may say that 6 days was too short, but for others, that time frame may have been too long.

Different characters react to the prison situation differently. Some character do not seem to mind at first being locked in a “cell“, while others joke because they know this is “only an experiment”. As the movie progresses, character’s opinions, emotions and actions change. Some people transform into someone else completely. Characters work together, then are torn apart, some can deal with whatever is thrown at them, and others simply cannot

This movie gives you an insight on an experience you may have never thought about. It makes you wonder what you would have done if you were in the experiment. How long would you have lasted? Was the experiment cruel? How can we use this experiment’s results to help people in real life?

Some things to think about…

After watching this film, there are many things you can take away from it. It certainly gave me a new perspective on power and authority. One of the most memorable statements from this film is the idea that the only thing that separates the guards from the prisoners is a “flip of a coin”. Think about that.

If you have not watched the film yet, watch it with this phrase in mind. The movie makes important points and challenges the viewer to change their perspective throughout the film. Enjoy!

Watch this film:

Check it out on: Netflix , Amazon , IMDb and the movie website . Click the name of the platform for the link.

My First Blog Post

Welcome to my blog. Here I will talk about movies, some of my favorite quotes, biggest/weirdest dreams and travel. Mostly, I will discuss movies/TV I like, some I recommend you watch and others I recommend you skip. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to visit my little spot on the internet. I hope you come back soon.

If you want to know a little more about me, feel free to check out the About Me tab. I hope I explain all you need to know there. If not, ask me a question on the Contact Me page. And I will respond to you ASAP.

‘Til next time, this is Arianna. Have a great, magically-filled day that even J.K. Rowling would be proud of.

Let me say this . . .

First, I want to say that my reviews are not the reviews that will include all that fancy jazz, technical names and words that most people do not understand. I love movies, I love watching them, understanding them, feeling them. (Ok that sounded weird, but you know what I mean) Over time, I developed my own lingo, I caught on to some film vocabulary that I will use. But I do this fun. Film is my passion, I do not want to use loads of technical terms that most people will not understand.

My Goal:

I want more people to venture out and watch more films than just the main 5 blockbusters of the year. And using huge words won’t help that happen. If you want a super technical film Dr. review, maybe my reviews aren’t for you and that is ok! But if you love film, like I do, or just want to learn/talk/discuss/have some fun/understand a new perspective, then maybe you are in the perfect place.

Keep in mind, I am on the journey of becoming a P.A. and working on sets as much as possible, improving my writing and collaborating with creatives. So sometimes I may get slightly, somewhat fancy, but no worries! If you have a question, ask. That is how we all learn. 🙂


Arianna xx

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