The White Lotus (Season 1)

The White Lotus (2021-) has been widely praised since its release during the summer of 2021. It stars Jennifer Coolidge (Tanya), Connie Britton (Nicole), Alexandra Daddario (Rachel), Jake Lacy (Shane), Sydney Sweeney (Olivia), and others. As I started watching the first episode, I thought I would be turned away quickly and not care about theContinue reading “The White Lotus (Season 1)”

Girls (Season 2 & 3)

While being stuck in my room thinking I had COVID for the third time, I watched lots of Girls (2012-2017) episodes. I was drawn to the show initially because I love the show New Girl (2011-2018), but have seen the episodes so many times that I wanted to spend some time watching something new. IContinue reading “Girls (Season 2 & 3)”