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Staring Ryan Reynolds, Jake Gyllenhaal, Rebecca Ferguson & more.

Life is a science fiction film that takes place on the ISS. It has a pleasing ending and has an underlying meaning that truly made me think about life as a whole. On the surface, this film is like many other space movies with aliens, strange happenings and astronauts. But under the surface, this film is horror but in a new setting, with no where to escape to but the vacuum and coldness of space. Some scenes made me cringe because how stereotypical they were, but the majority of the film was remotely interesting.

Movie Stats

Length of film: 1hr 44min
Rating: R
Release date: May 26, 2017
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Movie Talk:

This film was intense. If you have watched the film, The Martian (2015) which stars Matt Damon, this is very different. The action starts pretty quickly, but mostly goes where you would expect it to. Some characters *cough Reynolds’ character* make pretty bad decisions, but all in the hopes of helping out a friend

The characters are not that complex which limits the emotions you feel towards them. I wish the characters were better developed so the audience could have felt what the characters were feeling. This would have helped the audience grow attached to the characters and their story lines.

I have a love for astronomy, which led me to watching this film. But if you do not like space movies, and do not want to watch just an “ok” movie, then maybe skip this one. The plot is pretty basic, the “life form” makes the film horror, and there are some twists along the way that try to keep the audience engaged.

The acting is great, which helps this film a lot. Overall, I would watch it again. The story is not out of the ordinary, the jump scares work, but for the most part the film is predictable.

Let’s talk about the ending. Out of the whole movie, the ending is my favorite. It is both pleasing and dissatisfying in the best ways. If the ending had been different, maybe I would think less of this film, but overall this film was OK. Not horrible, not fantabulous (no, I did not spell that wrong, say it in the voice of Deadpool). I would recommend it to a friend who loves space, or who loves Gyllenhaal or Reynolds. But if that does not sound like you, than maybe watch The Martian​ instead. 

Highlights / What to think about:

If you watch this film, pay attention to the value of life and what it means. This movie gave me a new appreciation for the life here on Earth. Our power to make life a good, productive thing and not something monstrous. I found this film reminding me about the preciousness of life. I think most people do not appreciate the Earth as much as we should. This film reminded me to be thankful for it, from the freshest strawberry to the peskiest mosquito. Watch it and let me know what you think!

Watch this film: 6.5/10

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Quick! Describe this film in a sentence! (aka sentence summary)

Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal get their memories wiped and then board a ship with a Mars life form that tries to tear their friendship apart.

Ok, for real this time. Here is the real sentence summary:

When astronauts come in contact with a Mars life form, their lives are at stake and they need to think fast before they end up hurdling towards Earth with a malignant monster on board.

Thanks for reading!
 Have a great day, hopefully full of great people and not scary Mars creatures.

Arianna xx

The Stanford Prison Experiment Movie


This film follows the story of a psychologist who wants to conduct an experiment involving students. This experiment includes individuals who volunteer to be either a prisoner or a guard in a simulated prison constructed in classrooms in the university. In the end, the students will be compensated for their time and they will be free to continue on with their lives like normal, or so they thought. This film is based on a true story of an experiment that was conducted in 1971. It stars Ezra Miller, Tye Sheridan, Logan Miller and more.

Movie Stats:

Length of film: 2hr 2min
Rating: R
Release date: July 17, 2015
Click here to watch the Trailer.

Movie Talk:

I came across this film on Netflix and started to watch it because I thought Adam Driver was in it. Then I realized it was Ezra Miller, so I continued watching. I was surprised when I could not move away from the TV. Somehow this film kept me engaged for the whole 2 hours. I was literally walking up to the TV eager to find out what would happen next.

The film follows the “guards” and the “prisoners” for 6 days. This experiment went on for only 6 days,when it was supposed to go on for 2 weeks. Some may say that 6 days was too short, but for others, that time frame may have been too long.

Different characters react to the prison situation differently. Some character do not seem to mind at first being locked in a “cell“, while others joke because they know this is “only an experiment”. As the movie progresses, character’s opinions, emotions and actions change. Some people transform into someone else completely. Characters work together, then are torn apart, some can deal with whatever is thrown at them, and others simply cannot

This movie gives you an insight on an experience you may have never thought about. It makes you wonder what you would have done if you were in the experiment. How long would you have lasted? Was the experiment cruel? How can we use this experiment’s results to help people in real life?

Some things to think about…

After watching this film, there are many things you can take away from it. It certainly gave me a new perspective on power and authority. One of the most memorable statements from this film is the idea that the only thing that separates the guards from the prisoners is a “flip of a coin”. Think about that.

If you have not watched the film yet, watch it with this phrase in mind. The movie makes important points and challenges the viewer to change their perspective throughout the film. Enjoy!

Watch this film:

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