Marriage Story Movie


Staring Adam Driver, Scarlett Johansson, Laura Dern and more.

Marriage Story (2019) is an Academy Award nominated film that is directed and written by Noah Baumbach. It tells the story of a married couple, Charlie and Nicole, who love each other deeply. But they have some irreconcilable differences. Their wants and needs contrast, so they cannot seem to agree on their future. The film focuses on their love for each other, as well as their need/want to move on.

Movie Talk

This film has been largely talked about by many people in the industry. It is widely praised and was nominated for many different awards. The movie starts by telling the audience an abundance of information they will need to know to understand the story. The characters are alive, as if you know them in real life. They are round, not static, and are unpredictable, like friends and family truly are.

Harsh, emotional moments are coupled with humorous insults and upbeat music. These tinges of happiness keep the audience’s attention and allow the film to have a happy tone, even if there are heavy emotions involved. That being said, I found this story beautiful, but slow at times. I recognize that I am not the key demographic for this film, as I am a young adult and cannot closely relate to many of the focus topics of the characters.

My Favorite Scenes

One of the moments that hurt my heart the most was when a woman came to observe Charlie and his son, Henry. After the woman leaves, Henry asks Charlie if the lady liked them. At this point, Charlie is laying on the ground bleeding from a cut on his arm, but Charlie still assures his son that everything is ok. This hurt. Charlie being strong for his son. The cut on Charlie’s arm representing his emotional pain. This scene was one of the most memorable in the film. Good job Adam Driver, you really can do anything. However, I do think that the singing scene of Charlie’s was a little too long. I wish it was a bit shorter. But, I also am not a fan of musicals, so maybe that is why I have that opinion.

Another moment that stood out to me was when Charlie stood in the foyer of his ex-mother-in-law’s house and all of the bedroom doors were shut. Here he realizes all of the pictures in the frames hanging on the wall have been changed so they no longer include him. Sad, very sad. Poor Charlie. I wanted to hug him in this moment, but that would be weird because he is a fictional character.

Overall, I thought this film was ok. I think it could have been shorter, more focused and had the same effect. The story huddled together true emotion and realistic situations, and for that I applaud it. The story-telling is strong, and my favorite part is probably the dialogue. This is due partly to it’s delivery and partly to how it is written. Noah is a fantastic writer.

Highlights / What to think about:

One of the sayings that stood out to me in this film was, “You wanted it until you didn’t.” Take a second to think about that. Can you relate this to your life? Is it true? I can relate to it, maybe not in the same way the characters in this film can, but that does not make my feelings any less real.

Watch this film: 7

Although, I liked the depth of the characters and the creativity of the scenes, dialogue and directing, I could not extensively connect to this film. I place this largely on the fact that I have not been in a situation like Charlie’s and Nicole’s. Maybe when I am older, I will watch this film and understand it deeper, feel the feelings stronger and more powerfully. But for now, I will admire the thought that went into every scene, every moment, each of the characters’ traits. I am interested in what you thought of this film, let me know in the comments!

You can watch this film on Netflix, read about it on IMDb or watch the trailer on YouTube. The picture in this post is from Netflix.

Quick! Describe the film in 1 sentence! (aka sentence summary)

Charlie and Nicole have dreams that could have been used to keep them together and strong, but instead they drove them apart.

Sad, happy, fun, everything with up-beat music to mix up the tone and keep it all as light as possible. I am glad I watched this film, I learned a lot. If you get a chance to watch it too, I think you will learn some things, or at the very least, begin to understand a new perspective.

Have a great day! Spend some time with the people you love.

P.S. In that final scene where Nicole goes to tie Charlie’s shoe, I cried. It was such a beautiful moment, I cannot believe I forgot to mention it in this post. But, this film is full of beautiful moments, I could not have mentioned them all.

Arianna xx

Why Matt Damon and Jimmy Kimmel don’t get along.

(Jimmy Kimmel Live, I edited it a little)

Some of you may know about the long feud between Oscar-winner, Matt Damon, and someone else called, Jimmel Kimmel. The two have a whirl-wind history with Sarah Silverman, which is where their clash began. But with Jimmy perpetuating their fight by not allowing Damon on his show to promote his films, their friendship is as likely to be healed, as I am likely to become president of the United States.

The present situation:

Damon constantly waits backstage of Kimmel’s show, hoping he will get a chance to be interviewed. He has been PATIENTLY waiting years, but Kimmel denies him every night. The show goes on, but Damon does not get to show his face. Instead, he just sits backstage watching the show in solemn silence, quietly and sadly eating boiled eggs, pizza and apples.

Then one day after the show is over, Damon goes out of his isolated room and tries to find Jimmy. Damon wants to be extra nice today, so he bought Jimmy a nice basket of fruit and chocolates, in hopes of increasing his chances of being on the following night’s show.

When he finds Jimmy, he acts quick and starts to run, because as soon as Jimmy makes eye contact with Damon, he darts away, as if he is scared or something. I think one time they went to therapy together and it did not go that well? I don’t know.

So Damon chases after Jimmy with the fruit basket. Once Jimmy realizes there is food involved, he stops running. They stare at each other, not blinking an eye, unsure what to do. Jimmy wonders if Matt poisoned this fruit so he could take over his show with him out of the way. He is not so sure he wants this food anymore. “But I got this fruit just for you,” says Matt, “Come on Kimmel, don’t you like dem apples?”

It is true, Jimmy does love apples. So, Jimmy takes the basket. As Jimmy is walking away, he turns around and says, “This does not mean you will be on the show tomorrow.” And in that moment, anger swells up inside of Damon, anger that he just CANNOT hold in anymore. He runs and tackles Jimmy and screams, “My friend’s wicked smat, and he is going to figure out how to get me on this show. I promise you Jimmy.”

Whose team are you on? Damon’s or Kimmel’s?

This was a joke. Or was it?

Watch Jimmy Kimmel Live on TV or YouTube and see if Matt Damon made it on the show tonight. I bet you he did not. I think I will be on Jimmy’s show before Matt Damon is. The original picture from this post is from Jimmy Kimmel Live, but I may have edited it A LITTLE bit.

P.S. Did they already make a video that follows the story line of this post? Or did this story just randomly come to my mind for no reason whatsoever? Creativity is weird bro.

Automated Mind

Technology can have so many benefits, like perhaps, the chance to read this blog post, access endless amounts of knowledge, watch movies anywhere you want and connect with people from across the globe. But all of that certainly comes with some negatives. There are many, but today I am going to focus on what I call an “automated mind“.

Let’s get right into it

Have you ever thought, “My head hurts,” and then had that same thought everyday for a month? Then maybe you were talking to a relative and they asked why you think you have been having so many headaches. You don’t know. They ask you if you have been drinking enough water. No. Your old reusable water bottle broke and you never got a new one and you just cannot be seen on campus with a single-use plastic bottle. When did this happen? Oh yeah, about A MONTH ago. And you have been having headaches for how long? Yep, a month. Your headaches were from not drinking water. Plain and simple. Easy fix. How did you not notice this yourself? You could have been headache-free a month ago if you realized this sooner. And this would have had a large impact on your homework, your work, and you socializing with friends.


You can apply this issue and thought process to so many common “problems” or occurrences in life. We can be so used to technology figuring everything out for us that we can start to forget how to think for ourselves. We forget we can solve our own problems by just thinking about our situation and paying a little attention to some of the variables. When we start to operate on auto-pilot, it can get a bit scary. Auto-pilot does not tend to be very conducive to our goals or our happiness.

Have a problem? When did it start happening? Have you gone through a tough change recently? Think about it. I believe that you have the power to find the solution to your problem and you will be on the way to being the best you possible.


I hope you can spend some time off of tech, thinking about your feelings and making sure you are working towards your goals and not just floating around hoping some magic from J.K. Rowling will make your dreams a reality. If you have a problem, find a solution. I know you can do it. It is worth the time.

Arianna xx

Gifted Movie

(Gifted, I edited graphics on it)

Staring: Chris Evans, Mckenna Grace, Octavia Spencer, Jenny Slate & more.

Gifted follows the story of Mary (Mckenna Grace) and her uncle, Frank (Chris Evans). Mary just so happens to be a child genius and has a one-eyed cat, named Fred, who secretly is the star of this film. The relationship between Mary and Frank is much like a father and a daughter: they fight, but they care for each other so deeply you can almost feel it. There is humor, screaming and hardship, but everything is encompassed with love. Frank and Mary go through struggle, especially Frank, as he explores if he is a detriment to Mary’s future, or if he is actually the best hope for Mary to have a “normal” life.

Movie Talk

The back story of Mary is sad. Frank’s relationship with his mother and sister is equally sad, but relatable. By just meeting Mary and Frank, you would never guess everything they have been through. They are kind, thoughtful, and hardworking. But unfortunately, they are misunderstood, which is something both Frank and Mary experience throughout the film.

In some ways Mary is very similar to Frank, but in other ways, she is much different. I think their similar, yet contrasting personalities made this movie stand out. Mary and Frank’s neighbor, played by Octavia Spencer, also acts as an important role in this film. In many ways she represents a mother figure for Mary. She is also one of Mary’s best friends, even though she is an adult and Mary is very much a child. Or is she? This movie juggles the different aspects of Mary that make her both child-like, but also mature. She can do complex math, think critically, but she also enjoys doing things that most kids enjoy.

This story is heartwarming, made me cry multiple times, has great acting and has relatable, complex characters. The characters seem real, like real people you meet in your town and not just in a movie. They have issues, they have setbacks, but not like in most movies where you know the character will overcome the obstacle.

This is one of my favorite films. It is films like this that reinvigorate my love for story-telling. Simply put, this movie is awesome and has incredible meaning.

Highlights / What to think about:

This movie urges the audience to think about their own relationships with people and what they would be willing to do for the people they love. Are there times when you think people you love are holding you back from being the best you can be? Or do you think you and others work together to get through anything? Even through the very hard circumstances? Or does that tend to tear you apart, rather than bring you together? The film is centered around these questions.

Watch this film: 9/10

This is the kind of film I love to put on after I watch a streak of bad films. This is a film I can rely on to make me smile, laugh, cry and occasionally get mad at the screen because I literally have felt the exact same feeling the character has. This is a film that connects to the audience, makes you feel something and lets you know you spent your time wisely watching the film. I hope you get a chance to watch it soon.

Check this film out on Amazon, IMDb & watch the Trailer on YouTube. The picture in this post is from the film.

Quick! Describe the film in 1 sentence! (aka sentence summary)

A good use of your time that will make you feel emotions that you may have been trying to suppress for too long.

Was that summary a little too deep and personal? Well that is what a good movie is, isn’t it? Both broad enough to reach a large audience, but specific enough to make everyone feel like they can relate to the movie in some way. I hope you enjoy the rest of your day!

Arianna xx

ThisJes Films

I have been a part of numerous screening committees for many different film festivals. Over the course of viewing hundreds of films that get submitted, I sometimes come across stories that stand out. Some directors, writers or ideas peak my interest and make me want to learn more about the creator.

Who is Jes?

Jes Vasquez is a writer, director and editor who has made films that have been accepted into film festivals, some of which have went on to win awards. She also has a Bachelor’s degree in Writing and creates her own independent films. She is based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and occasionally films in New Jersey.

We happened to both attend the Westfield International Film Festival and connected on Instagram after. I watched some of Jes’ films on Youtube and immediately was intrigued by her sense of humor and her directing style. Her films are quality, the actors are brilliant and her ideas are unique. After watching hundreds of films for film festivals, I was pleasantly surprised to watch Jes’ films that exhibit her creativity and do not merely repeat the same plot that I have seen so many times before.

Here are some of her films:

Vote for Jes!

One of her films is in a contest and she would appreciate your vote. Click here if you want to watch her film and vote for her!

Check out Jes’ work:

If you want to watch a short film that is different than most main-stream films, I think you will like Jes’ work. You can watch her films on YouTube, like her page on Facebook, check out her website, follow her on instagram or vimeo. Or one day you might be at a film festival and get the chance to see one of her films on the big screen.

Why Good Will Hunting?

(Good Will Hunting, I added text)

Great question. I am glad you asked. To my surprise, none of my friends have seen this film. This really bugged me, so naturally I tried to get all of them to watch it. Unfortunately, they would not watch my movie recommendation, they would just continue watching episodes of The Office on repeat. I hope you make a smarter decision than my friends.

Here are 5 reasons I like this movie. Ok, maybe more than like it, considering I did print out the entire script and read it several times trying to teach myself how to make an incredible film like this one. So lets get started…

1. inner self

Let’s start with the heavy stuff. Unlike most mainstream movies these days, this film has a back bone, an underlying meaning that invites the audience to lean in and put the pieces together for themselves. So often modern films tell the viewer everything through dialogue, making film-watching a passive experience. But this film delves deeper. It focuses on Will’s inner demons, why he is the way he is, and how he can get past his obstacles. The characters’ dialogues say just enough to let the audience in on who Will thinks he is, and through his conversations with Sean, we learn who Will actually is. Instead of being rushed through the story and told who Will is in the first scene, this movie explores Will’s journey of overcoming the road blocks he was born with. Inner obstacles, as well as outer ones.

2. realistic characters

Whew, now onto the lighter stuff. If you have seen this film, you know why I added this to my list. The brotherly love between Will and his friends prove that friends can be just as much family as a biological mom and dad. The friends know each other so well and support each other, through fists fights and all. Beyond that, Chuckie really pushes Will to use his gift and not let it go to waste. Even though embracing his gift means that Will will likely move away and do great things, it also means Chuckie will not see Will every day anymore. If that isn’t a good friend, than I do not know what is. Chuckie is a good man.

3. humor

Do I need to continue? Although this film has a deep meaning that is heavy and thoughtful, it is a fun, light film because the attitudes of the characters that are always poking fun at each other. Drama, with a splash of jokes and a twinkle of Boston accents, and BAM you have some wicked humor.

4. location becomes a character

Boston. I tend to enjoy films where the setting of the story also doubles as a character in the story. Examples of this are in Harry Potter (all of them) with Hogwarts, a small Italian town in Call Me By Your Name, and Hawkins in Stranger Things. By having a location become a character in the story, the audience can better create the “world” of the characters in the film. Therefore, the story suddenly becomes more relatable and immersive.

5. coming-of-age film

Lastly, I wish I watched this film while I was in high school. I think it would have changed my mind about some things. It still surprises me that Damon and Affleck wrote this film when they were my age. They were/are talented. Anyway, Will’s evolution in this film makes me categorize this as a coming-of-age film, even if it’s not typically thought of as such. Good Will Hunting has the opportunity to show youngsters (me included) how we could go our whole lives and not truly know ourselves, unless we take the time to listen and think about our inner dialogues. I know I learned a lot from watching Will grow up on screen and I think other people can/did to.

Where to watch this film:

Watch this film on Amazon, check it out on IMDb, see the Trailer on YouTube. It is worth watching, I promise. (I do not say this about films that I do not truly care about.) The picture in this post is from the film, I just edited some words on it. (And an apple.)

Sum it up already!

Dude, thanks for reading and putting up with my love for this film. I always watch it when I find it on TV and it always makes me cry. Literally no matter how many times I watch it, I still cry. Especially in that scene where Robin’s character hugs Will. Yes, that scene. Yes, I love it. It is why I will make movies. It is why I started writing screenplays.

Also, I hope you like apples. If not, how about dem apples? I wish you could see my face as I wrote that sentence, it made me smile way too much.

Arianna xx

What is your biggest dream?

Unsplash, I edited image & added text

I think a lot of people can relate to wanting to do something, but thinking that the outcome they have always dreamed of is not possible. “So why even try if it won’t happen anyway?” I think this is the very thought that prevents so many people from working towards their dreams and making them reality.

So, what do you want to be when you grow up?

This is a question that made me excited to answer as a child, but as I grew up, especially in high school, this question made me scared, nervous, worried I would choose the wrong major, the wrong job.

I know countless people who have a job they do not like. What seems most common is that people get started with a job and then have to keep working somewhere they do not like because they need a stable income to pay bills. This is a cycle: work all week, too tired to pursue dreams on weekends, spend time doing house work, possibly socializing with friends and then back to work on Monday.

Some people go to college for a major and then decide that they do not like their major anymore. But by then they are almost done with their degree, so they do not have a choice but to finish. All of these scenarios are so real. They happen to the people all around me all of the time.

I had a unique situation because when everyone was deciding where to go to college, what to major in, I was dealing with a head injury. I could barely finish high school, so I was not even sure if I could go to college.

Spending so much time alone, forced to listen to my own thoughts and not be surrounded by the thoughts of some many others, I realized something. I realized that so many things that I believed, that I followed, I did not actually believe in, I did not actually agree with. What I mean by this is that the people I was surrounded with kind of ingrained their beliefs in me, not on purpose, but without even realizing it. By spending time alone, I was able to realize this and get my beliefs to where I wanted them to be.

This process was not easy, it took years, but it was worth it. Before, I hid my creativity, I suppressed it. I was scared what people would say of my art, what they would say of my writing. It was after all those years of keeping my art to myself that I realized at every turn in my life I had to convince myself “why not” to do art. I loved art, writing, film, but I kept convincing myself why I should not do it solely because I was scared what people would think. I loved it, but what if others thought I should pursue something else?

You may be able to relate to this in some way, or maybe not. Maybe you are confident and always speak your mind, but I was different, especially when I was younger.

By taking time to myself and just listening to my own opinions, I was able to realize what I wanted to do. I did not need to decide anything, but to follow my dreams or to not. But that is another topic entirely.

Why did I just read this?

For today, maybe take some time to think about what you would do if you just listened to yourself. If you did not think about your parents, friends, relatives, you just thought about your goals and what you wanted your future to look like. This can be hard, especially when we are constantly surrounded by the internet and people at school and work. You may not even know what you want because you are constantly being told everyone else’s opinions. Taking time to listen to your own thoughts can be so valuable.

Maybe you will realize that you have had a dream all along, you knew the major you wanted to pursue, you knew your biggest aspirations. You just had to listen to yourself.

Thank you for reading. I hope I gave you a little push to work towards your goals and not the goals the people around you have for you. It is difficult, it can be scary, but once you realize your goals, you can decide if they are worth the trouble, or if it is just better to keep them locked in a drawer somewhere so no one can see them (which is what I did for years).

Arianna xx

The Red Sea Diving Resort Movie

(Netflix, I added text)

Staring Chris Evans, Ben Kingsley, Greg Kinnear, Haley Bennett & more.

The Red Sea Diving Resort film is based on a true, inspiring story that takes place in Sudan and Israel. The plot focuses on Ari (Chris Evans) who has a strong dedication to bring as many Ethiopian refugees to Jerusalem as possible. Him and his team encounter obstacles that pose immediate and serious threats to their safety, but they continue to follow through with their operation. In the midst of the action, the team is also running a resort that poses as a cover up for what they are actually doing in the middle of the Sudan desert.

Movie Talk

Unlike many people, I just recently got Netflix. I heard good things about this film, so I decided to watch it. (Plus Chris Evans is in it & so far, I have not been disappointed by any of the films he is in.)

The movie starts off by introducing the characters and their backgrounds. This introduction can seem a little slow and leave you wanting to advance into the story already. However, after progressing through the movie, all of the information given about the characters is needed to understand the complexity of the film.

Before watching this film, I knew it was based on a true story and because of that, I found it even more intriguing and worth watching. Overall, the film introduced me to a new perspective. It made me more empathetic and understanding towards people who may have a completely different mindset than I. Along the journey, Ari makes some pretty arrogant and stupid decisions, most of which I would be mad at if I was a part of his team. Yet, it is clear he is just trying to help as many people as possible. He has a good heart, is not a good listener, but his intentions are pure.

Throughout the film, the characters encounter multiple road blocks, but one of my favorite is how this team is forced to also run a “resort” while they complete their mission. Each character has their own sense of humor and adds their own touch and personality to the film.

One thing about this film that bothered me was that Ari and his friends are involved in a mission that is dangerous and none of them got injured. I think the film would have been more realistic if someone had been hurt or had to be sent home to heal. I am not sure if this aspect of the film was based on the true story, but if it was than I understand why they would have included this plot point. This scenario almost reminds me of Andrew Garfield’s character in Hacksaw Ridge. In both cases, the characters face out-of-the-ordinary situations and come out on the other end.

Highlights / What to think about:

If you decide to watch this film, I highly encourage you to think what you would do if you were in Ari’s situation. He has a desperate need to help people, it is almost ingrained in him. But over the course of helping refugees, he puts his team and friends at serious risks. What would you do if you were him? Did this film open your eyes and make you see something in a new way? Let me know if you watched this film and what you thought of it.

Watch this film: 7/10

Don’t be sad. 7 is a good rating. I really liked this film: the acting was great and the story was engaging and mind-altering. For what the story was, the movie was incredible. I just think the film could have been shorter and served the same meaning and purpose. But, I understand how the length of the film may be a device to help the audience better grasp the long journey of the characters in the movie. Obviously watching a two hour movie is nothing compared to walking miles and miles to safety, but the length of the film could illustrate how setbacks interrupted the long journey at almost ever turn.

Check out this movie on Netflix! The picture in this post is from Netflix.

Quick! Describe the film in 1 sentence! (aka sentence summary)

Ari puts the safety of his friends at risk in the effort to save hundreds, possibly thousands, of refugees on their journey to Jerusalem.

That’s it! Thanks for staying with me. Have a film you want me to watch? Leave it in the comments or send it to me on the contact page. Have a great day!

Arianna xx

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