Princess Diaries (2001)

I have watched this movie more than thirty times. When asked what my favorite movie is I usually say Good Will Hunting, but in all honesty, it’s probably Princess Diaries. It brings me back to my childhood and is centered around a goofy girl that I can relate to deeply. I have always liked howContinue reading “Princess Diaries (2001)”

Ford v Ferrari (2019)

I have to admit that some of the car talk in Ford v Ferrari went right over my head. I do not know the names of old style cars, the owners of the main car companies, or famous race car drivers. But nonetheless, the film was more than enjoyable and I felt like it wasContinue reading “Ford v Ferrari (2019)”

Fresh (2022)

Shocking, full of plot twists, and deeper meanings, Fresh (2022), starring Daisy Edgar-Jones (Noa) and the Winter Soldier himself, Sebastian Stan (Steve), has a unique story line that I have not seen before. This film is so original and I think that is what makes me love it so much, even when some parts areContinue reading “Fresh (2022)”

It’s my last semester at college!

I am graduating college in May (hopefully)! As long as I pass all of my classes this semester, I will be graduating before the summertime. To celebrate, and to help get myself through the heavy school work, I decided to turn to gifs to create memes that help communicate how I am feeling. 1. WhenContinue reading “It’s my last semester at college!”

Crimson Peak (2015)

Staring Tom Hiddleston (Thomas Sharpe), Mia Wasikowska (Edith), Jessica Chastain (Lucille Sharpe), and Charlie Hunnam (Dr. Alan), this film tells a story that is brilliantly directed by Guillermo del Toro. It’s also perfect for the week of Valentine’s Day because of its twisted love story that lies at the center of the plot. Crimson PeakContinue reading “Crimson Peak (2015)”

I Love You, Man (2009)

I consider this film a romantic comedy. While Paul Rudd’s character, Peter, does get engaged to Rashida Jones’ character, Zooey, that is not the main love story of this movie. The main love story is between Peter and Sydney (Jason Segel). It’s a broship. A bromance. Like Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal, or Ryan ReynoldsContinue reading “I Love You, Man (2009)”

Freaky (2020)

The comedy horror film that I didn’t know I needed. Staring Vince Vaughn (Butcher), Kathryn Newton (Millie), Celeste O’Connor (Nyla), Misha Osherovich (Josh), and Uriah Shelton (Booker) this movie surprised me in the best ways. The concept of a teenage girl and a grown, 6-foot man switching bodies seems strange, but this movie makes itContinue reading “Freaky (2020)”

Class Action Park (2020)

As someone who has been to Action Park, now known as Mountain Creek, I thought I should take some time to watch this documentary. I have heard stories from my parents about how different the park used to be, but I did not know a lot about its overall history. While I did not goContinue reading “Class Action Park (2020)”