Who are you?

Hi. This is me, Arianna. [insert song from the Greatest Showman here] You may also know me as Aloha Arianna. I enjoy watching films, learning about the industry, traveling, writing and coming up with weird, yet acutely accurate metaphors.

If any of that sounds vaguely interesting, then maybe you are in the right place. If not, I hope you have a good day and I hope all your dreams come true. I mean all your good dreams, not the nightmares. Your nightmares can stay in the recesses of your mind, while I sprinkle some magical fairy dust on your dreams and make them come to life.

My experience:

Now onto the serious stuff. I have been in the film reviewing committee for 5 different film festivals. I have also helped out at over 6 film festivals on the East Coast, including the Woodstock Film Festival and Westfield International Film Festival, and interned at a few festivals as well.

I have assisted at venues and operated cameras for interviews. I have also written a variety of short films and am working on writing a feature. I am also a published author of the poem collection, Earthly Thoughts which is available for purchase on Amazon. If you want to learn more about me, feel free to check out my personal website here.

My Goals:

The point of having goals is to get you working towards something great. If my goals don’t scare me, I don’t think they are big enough.

  1. Write/direct films that tell unique stories that bring people together, introduce new perspectives and make people feel emotions they have never felt before, all while making them laugh along the way.
  2. Publish my poetry book and have more than 10 people read it. (completed)
  3. Act in a film directed by my favorite director.
  4. Meet people who also have a passion for being creative and who support one another. (completed)
  5. Help others’ dreams come true by supporting their films and meeting new people in the process. (completed)
  6. Be happy, be creative and find a way to make it a career.

Who is Aloha Arianna?

Honestly, that is a great question. I went on a trip to Hawaii and it changed my life. That might sound dramatic, but it is true. I was recovering from a concussion and pushed myself out of my comfort zone to go to Maui with some family members and family friends. There, I found good people, beauty everywhere I looked, and I realized that happiness was out there, out of my comfort zone. My pain would not keep me from my goals, I just had to persevere and not give up.

Years later, here I am, still not 100% better, but miles better than I was years ago. Hawaii changed my life. It helped me become me again. It made me realize that my pain did not define me, I did. Thus, “Aloha Arianna” was born. Saying hi to my new self, the self that saw life after pain and dreams after the years of constant, pouring rain. Woah. That rhymed, but it is also a metaphor, so I think I will leave it at that.

​Arianna xx

P.S. My favorite movie of all time is Good Will Hunting (how you like dem apples?), my favorite actor is Robert Downey Jr. (watch Chaplin) and a director I thoroughly enjoy is Taika Waititi (he is weird and goofy and I relate to that).

  • 2018

    I found my love for film. It helped me heal from the head injury that took me more than 5 years to heal from. I kept my dreams to myself because I was worried about what others would think.

  • 2019

    I realized that film was my passion and I could not escape my creativity. I went to film festivals and taught myself all I could.

  • 2020

    Full force ahead, having fun along the way, creating any way I can: YouTube, Instagram, blogging, internships, helping at film festivals, etc. Just enjoying the journey and loving it.

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